Fire Protection Engineering and Consulting Services

Fire Protection Engineering plays a significant role in a project’s permitting and budgeting process. Our in-depth understanding of today’s codes, standards, and new technologies provide clients with the most practical, cost effective, and code compliant fire protection system designs and specifications.

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Code Consulting

Determination of the minimum fire protection requirements set forth by applicable local, national, or international building codes.

Audits & Surveys

Field evaluations of facilities and buildings identifying any deficiencies associated with fire suppression and fire alarm and detection systems.

Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA)

Properly identifying and understanding credible and acceptable hazards and developing cost effective and practical solutions to protect them.

Hydraulic/Surge Analysis

Using hydraulic calculation models to optimize water distribution through a firemain or water-based suppression system.

Fire Protection Systems Design/Review

Practical, cost-effective design solutions for water-based suppression, special hazards, and fire alarm and detection systems.

Client Liaison/Negotiation

Represent our client's interests with authority having jurisdiction and insurance companies to clarify and interpret specific requirements and design philosophies.

Inspection & Testing

Inspection and testing of new and existing water-based suppression, special hazard, and fire alarm and detection systems.

Performance Based Designs

Developing alternate fire protection and life safety design solutions to meet the intent of prescriptive codes and standards.

Systems Procurement

Developing detailed systems, bill of materials, and bid tabs, so that our clients can obtain the most accurate pricing for the implementation of fire protection systems.

Installation Management

Providing project fire protection system installation management to ensure that a design is correctly implemented, commissioned, and accepted per local, state, and national codes and standards.

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