Emergency Response Consulting

Orcus Fire & Risk, Inc. is proud to have active and retired members of the fire service as part of our consulting staff. Our emergency response consultants are an integral part of our design review process to ensure equipment utilized for fire-fighting is located  in safe and practical locations.

Emergency Response projects completed


Clients served across the globe

Emergency Response Consulting services

  • Physical, theoretical (classroom), and online training
  • Development and review of emergency response scenarios (fire , HAZMAT, leak, etc.)
  • Development and review of emergency response pre-plans
  • Physical audits of emergency response documentation, training grounds, personnel, procedures, and equipment
  • Development of emergency response plans and contingency plans
  • Fire brigade planning and dimensioning
  • Emergency response equipment dimensioning and procurement services
  • Development of emergency response philosophy and basis of design documents
  • Development of fire-fighting strategy and tactics documents and field cards
  • Design of permanent and mobile emergency operations centers
Our LNG facility experience is listed in ‘Projects’ section of our website.
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