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Orcus is a full-service engineering, design, consulting, procurement, and installation management company focused on fire protection and safety systems. We offer code compliant, performance based, and creative solutions to complex scenarios that are practical and cost effective.
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Fire Protection Engineering
& Consulting Services

Orcus Fire & Risk, Inc. offers complementary services which can be integrated separately or combined for project optimization.

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Fire Protection

Fire Protection Engineering plays a significant role in a project’s permitting and budgeting process. Our in-depth understanding of today’s codes, standards, and new technologies provide clients with the most practical, cost effective, and code compliant fire protection system designs and specifications.

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Process Safety

From conceptual design through commissioning, start-up, and day-to-day operations, meeting Process Safety criteria is an important factor in satisfying local, state, national, international, and internal safety requirements.

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Risk Management

Risk Management plays a major role in day-to-day operations. An in-depth loss control assessment can provide valuable direction to better manage risk and improve profitability.

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Risk Modeling

Orcus Fire & Risk, Inc. prides itself in providing its clients with cutting edge services which includes using the latest industry fire, blast, and gas dispersion modeling software.

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LNG Consulting

Orcus is a worldwide leader in providing consulting services to Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facilities. Our expertise lies in supporting developers, owners, EPCs, and operators with FERC/PHMSA/NFPA 59A regulatory requirements, risk modeling, fire protection and safety engineering, emergency response, and environmental compliance consulting.

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Emergency Response

Orcus Fire & Risk, Inc. is proud to have active and retired members of the fire service as part of its consulting staff. Our emergency response consultants are an integral part of our design review process to ensure equipment utilized for fire-fighting is located  in safe and practical locations.


"When I began working with Orcus in 2018, I was immediately impressed with your business acumen and ability to deliver on your promises. You saved my project a boatload of cost, schedule and headache

As we have continued to work together over the last 5 years, Orcus has always worked hard to deliver on my projects, in RNG and in plastics pyrolysis. As such, I had no doubt that you would be able to provide high-quality, cost-effective projects and services, which is why I had no problem recommending Orcus to Ameresco last year.

You continue to impress, and I am grateful for the working relationship we have developed. The Orcus Team and AMRC are making things happen and will continue to do so."

Kevin O’Connor

Director – Project Management

Orcus News

Orcus Fire & Risk, Inc. is a world-wide leader in large and laboratory scale fire-fighting foam testing. Orcus' fire protection engineers have intimate knowledge of state-by-state regulations associated with the phase out of Fluorinated Fire-Fighting Foam.

Orcus has executed hundreds of tests related to synthetic fluorine free foam efficacy utilizing industry leading foam concentrates at different design parameters. Our testing protocols utilize UL-162 criteria at its core, but go beyond its requirements to address real world and practical applications with different fuels and discharge device types.

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Orcus has extensive experience in the oil and gas; commercial; power generation; chemical; renewable energy; mining; hospitality; offshore; industrial and LNG sectors.

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